I thought I would do my list of 100 things about me.  Not sure if I’ll find 100, but I’ll do my best. 🙂

  1. My name is Rhea (REE-ah)
  2. I’m married to Bob
  3. I am the mommy to three sons (aka:  The Monkeys)
  4. Mr. A is the oldest (2004)
  5. I have twins (2006).
  6. I call them Dennis and Eddie (or BoBo and NayNay)
  7. Yes, I have twins in my family.
  8. I didn’t know about the tendency for releasing multiple eggs until it was too late.
  9. I know my hands are full.
  10. It’s better than having an empty heart.
  11. I wish people would stop feeling sorry for me and my hands being full!
  12. Twins are not a curse.
  13. I delivered surrogate triplets in 2007.
  14. You did the math right, I delivered 6 babies in 3 years (ETA: Now I’m at 7 babies in 5.5 years 🙂 ).
  15. I have 1 brother
  16. I have 2 step sisters and another step brother
  17. I always refer to my step-dad as “dad.”
  18. My father died when I was 9
  19. I lived in Oklahoma when he died
  20. He had a heart attack.
  21. He was only 30 years old.
  22. I’ve outlived my father
  23. I used to work in banking
  24. I was a licensed investment representative
  25. I could sell life insurance, annuities and mutual funds
  26. I hated it
  27. Except I did earn a trip to New Orleans because of my sales
  28. I LOVE New Orleans!
  29. I would live there
  30. I would be drunk all the time!
  31. I also worked in casinos
  32. I hated the casinos
  33. My husband still works at a casino
  34. I won’t say whether he hates it or not 😉
  35. I used to have to count 100’s of millions of dollars in cash every night
  36. cash is dirty
  37. I used to work in an animal hospital
  38. the animal hospital was my very favorite job ever
  39. animals don’t talk back
  40. animals don’t argue
  41. they are cute and furry and sweet
  42. when I was young I went to Alaska and worked in a cannery
  43. cannery’s are dirty
  44. and stinky
  45. and slimy
  46. I lived in a tent on the side of a hill for 3 months
  47. I took showers at the laundry mat
  48. It rained every day
  49. I left my (ex) husband at home when I went
  50. I went with my 2 best friends
  51. we had a life changing time
  52. I would not do it again!
  53. I love to drink
  54. I love vampire stories
  55. My favorites vampire show is True Blood on HBO
  56. I watch Grey’s Anatomy every single Thursday
  57. I DVR my ER
  58. I’m sad that ER is going to be over
  59. I haven’t watched the last 5 recorded episodes because I don’t want it to be over
  60. I’ve probably watched the movie Armageddon 100 times
  61. I secretly love Titanic, too
  62. I love to watch real life Titanic explorations on TV
  63. I don’t much care for the beach
  64. it stinks
  65. I would rather be in the mountains
  66. I love to go camping
  67. My family camps in the desert all the time
  68. I love to go off-roading
  69. I wish I had a quad
  70. I would settle for a car. LOL
  71. My family of 5 only has one car that fits 4 people
  72. That really sucks
  73. Since I don’t work, we can’t justify a car payment
  74. We’re working on a solution for that
  75. I can’t believe I made it to #75!
  76. I’m addicted to Twinstuff
  77. I visit their forums 20 times a day (at least)
  78. I am trying to get insurance approval for weight loss surgery
  79. I’ve come across a few road blocks
  80. I’ve always struggled with my weight
  81. The only time in my life I was thin was after a car accident in 1991
  82. It’s amazing how much weight you lose with your jaw wired shut! lol!
  83. I hit a U-haul style truck head on
  84. I lost
  85. I don’t remember the accident
  86. Probably a good thing
  87. When I married my husband, he’d had a vasectomy prior to meeting me.
  88. He had it reversed so we could have our children
  89. It took us 2 years to become pregnant
  90. I spent my entire adult life longing for a child
  91. I was 32 when I finally had my wishes answered
  92. Now I wonder what was I thinking?!  HA! Just kidding!
  93. I love pugs
  94. I have a black pug named Angus
  95. I had a fawn female named Madeline that died 2 months before I found out I was pregnant
  96. I think God spared her the heartbreak of taking the back seat to a baby
  97. I can’t believe that I am almost done.
  98. WTH was I thinking to list 100 things?!
  99. I love to blog!
  100. I love to mess with my templates, so expect things to change, often.