Mr. A wanted to be a Robot for Halloween.  I went searching online and it didn’t look all that hard, so we decided to have a go at it.

We had a box of Costco Wipees and decided that it was the perfect size box to make a costume.  Then we just had a few other supplies to gather and we could begin.

Items we used to make this costume:  Kirkland brand wipees box, metallic silver spray paint, wire coat hangers, battery powered led lights, old computer parts, a few other gathered items from the old junk drawer, duct tape, hot glue and dryer tubing.

We started out by spray painting the box so it would go from this:

To this:

Some spare computer parts (can you tell we have small kids…look at all those scratches!!)

We taped the battery pack for the lights to the inside of the box.  We thought putting it in the center of the back would be the least obtrusive, but it ended up getting moved since we had too much stuff in the box when we were done and it needed rearranging.

Then I started putting the lights in place.  But it kept pissing me off and I had to pass it off to Bob.  LOL

This is where the hot glue gun was really helpful.  It secured all the gadgets and lights in the right place so that my 4yo wouldn’t mess them up.

Trying it on!


Doing the Robot dance.  LOL

Finished costume (minus his pants. LOL)

So there it is!  The box ended up being too small after all the stuff went inside, so we had to cut the sides in order to get it on.  And his arms are too big for the dryer hose, so the arms had to be jimmied as well.  But all in all, I think it turned out really great!  WTG Bob!