I found this cake on the internet and thought it was ADORABLE!  So I wanted to make it for my boys on Halloween.  But all the steps in making this cake are really quite over kill, if you ask me.  It really was not hard to do and I didn’t need all the fancy smancy Wilton supplies, cake boards, etc.  So I wanted to share my version so that those of you who are NOT Martha Stewart could achieve the same cute cake.  I know Halloween is over for this year, and I should have posted this last week, but oh well, sorry.  You could always use it as a super cute bug birthday cake, too!

Supplies I used:

Box cake mix, chocolate frosting (I will post the recipe I used down below, but you could easily use any recipe or even a can of the premade stuff), metal bowl, cupcake pan, 2 tubes each of green & black Cake-Mate tube frosting, Betty Crocker plastic star tip, candy corn, spice gum drops and black licorice.  Oh, and I used my mixer for making the cake and frosting (duh).

I started out with a basic devils food chocolate cake mix (Betty Crocker, I think).  I got 2 packages, one for the cake and one for the cupcakes (you need a cupcake to make the spider head).  I didn’t go out and buy a fancy Soccer Ball pan from Wilton like the other instructions said to do either.  I just used a metal bowl that I had in the cupboard.  I mixed the cake according to box directions.  I poured one batch into my metal bowl.  I baked it at 350 for what was nearly an hour.  I kept checking it after the box time of 35 mins was up, but it ended up cooking another 20 mins.  Just take it out when your toothpick comes out clean.  I shortening and floured the pan to be sure it did not stick.  I did the same with my cupcake pan since I didn’t have cupcake papers and didn’t want them to stick there either.

After it cooled about 15 mins, I turned it out on a wire rack to cool completely before I frosted it.

After about 2 hours, it was cooled and the babies went down for a nap.  So I went to frosting it.

I LOVE chocolate cream cheese frosting.  So that is what I made.  Here is my recipe.

  • 1/2 stick of butter at room temp
  • 1 8oz pkg of cream cheese at room temp
  • 1 1/2 boxes (4-5 cups) of powdered sugar (more or less depending how you plan on decorating with it)
  • 1/2 cup Hersheys Cocoa powder

Mix cream cheese and butter together in mixer until creamy.  Then add in the sugar a cup or so at a time.  Then add in the cocoa.  YUMMO!

So I attached a cupcake to the spider body and then went to town frosting the whole thing.

Oh, I am using a big wooden cutting board to hold it all.  No expensive cardboard circles for me!

Then I started adding the spider stripes.  Using the star tip on my tube frosting, I started at the neck and made a stripe about 5 stars wide.  It really didn’t take too long to do.  I alternated green and black until I had a frosted spider.

For the face, I used candy corn for “teeth” and a couple red gum drops for eyes.  Kinda cute dontcha think?

Then for the legs.  I used black licorice.  I just cut 4 pieces about 3/4 of the way down.  Then I stuck the short piece into my body and using black frosting, I attached the long end at the joint.  To keep it from slipping, I put a plop of frosting on the “foot,” too.  You could use orange slice gummy candies or even fondant, but the black frosting worked great!

Here is my finished spider:

Personally, I think it’s JUST as cute as the Wilton version and it was really very easy to make.