It was my mom’s birthday last week.  I had a dinner party for her with my family.  For the party I made these Jello Shooters that I had seen over at not martha.   But of course, my version had booze in them.  Well, duh.

Here is what I used for my shots.  I got Naval oranges, which I think were too big.  Plus they had that pesky “naval” that made for a big hole in the end of my halved orange.  I think if I do them again, I will use clementines or some other small orange/fruit.  Then, because I’m not real creative when it comes to flavor combination’s, I used raspberry rum and raspberry jello.  Real adventurous, I know.

Here is where I just halved my oranges.  I have big kitchen spoons, so it was really easy to just scoop out the insides clean.  I read somewhere else that “gutting” the oranges was hard and tedious, but I didn’t think that at all.  Came out nice and dry.

A muffin tin worked great for holding the oranges steady.

See, here is that pesky hole in the end of my orange.  Made it so I couldn’t fill it to the top and it left a gap.

Pouring my jello.  Oh, in case maybe you don’t know.  I just prepared the jello according to the Jello Jiggler recipe on the box.  Only I substituted HALF the boiling water with booze.  So I brought the half water to a boil and dissolved the jello into that.  Then when it was dissolved, I added the room temp rum.

Ta-da!  Aren’t they PRETTY??  The red looked really nice in the oranges.  I can’t wait to do them again!