Oh lucky me!  I got the opportunity to try out the soon to be released, K-Y Intense.  When I emailed my hubby at work to let him know, he was actually speechless! LOL!  I think he was embarrassed thinking about how I could come on here and talk about using this product without being TMI about our sex life.  Well really, now…you didn’t think our three kids came from the cabbage patch did you?  Sorry to burst your bubble, but me and the Wizard man have had sex.  Twice before, and now a third time so I could try the new KY Intense! 🙂

We had used the K-Y Yours and Mine and liked it very much, so I was anxious to try the Intense out.  We were very giggly.  Actually, I was giggly, Bob was just laughing AT me.  There is a difference.  Then we went to work…err…bed.

About KY Intense, from the company:

What it does:

  • KY Brand Intense creates a rush of pleasure and increased female sensitivity
  • Helps women reach their peak of sexual pleasure more quickly
  • Increases the intensity of the female satisfaction during intimate moments

How it works:

  • Massage a pea-sized drop of the gel directly to her intimate areas during foreplay
  • Patent-pending formula features a proprietary blend of niacin and sensory enhancers that help create a warming sensation, heightening arousal and sensitivity.

What you need to know:

  • First and only female arousal gel from KY Brand, the #1 doctor recommended brand
  • Pump dispenser allows for easy, non-messy application
  • Allergy tested
  • Hormone and paraben-free

After trying Intense out, I can say that it did create a “warming sensation,”  but I don’t know that I felt any “heightened arousal” or “sensitivity.”  Actually, I thought it felt a bit numb.

The night did progress as expected…

You know, I would definitely recommend you try out the new KY Intense.  It won’t hit store shelves until April 2009, but you can visit their website www.intensifyyourlove.com and pre-order your own bottle now.  Just because it made me numb, doesn’t mean it will you.  According to KY, 75% of women experienced the heightened arousal and sensitivity.  The odds are in your favor that it will increase your sensitivity and make your bedroom (or dining room…or living room….) ROCK.  So go try it for yourself!  Have fun! 🙂 🙂