Congratulations to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, who announced yesterday that they were having twin girls with the help of a surrogate!

Here is the article in People Magazine.

Honestly, I’m a bit indifferent to SJP and her husband.  I like them alright.  I don’t keep track of their celebrity life.  SJP actually annoys me a little bit with her hair color commercials.  But that’s neither here nor there.  I’m really annoyed at the comments received on that People article regarding surrogacy.

Must be nice to keep your girlish figure, not to mention be able to afford to hire a surrogate. Most “normal” people don’t have that luxury. Having trouble conceiving seems the least of it. How does anyone know if maybe pure selfishness didn’t spur the surrogacy? Kudos to women who can give birth and say goodbye, I could never do that, being a mother myself.

This woman is just talking out her ass!  I think the parents of my surrogate triplets were perfectly “normal.”  It has nothing to do with keeping a certain “girlish figure.”  My Intended Parents worked their butt’s off to afford our pregnancy.  Not to mention the extra stuff that goes along with a “high risk” pregnancy such as twins or triplets.

I dunno….they’re both in their late 40’s….which means at least Matthew will be collecting SS bennies when these two children graduate from high school. That’s GRAND PARENT age…

My husband was 50 years old when we had our first son.   More and more people are choosing to wait until later ages to have their children.  We are more prepared emotionally and financially and it’s a better situation than being unprepared at 19.

I hope its her eggs and his sperm otherwise its so unfair on the child.

Why does this even matter??  Her eggs and his sperm have no bearing at all on the love these babies will receive.  I know many many very loved babies that were conceived with donated eggs/sperm.

Why a surrogate? Vanity or just too old or she can’t carry?? I don’t understand. Not really anyone’s business but it seems if you are too vain to carry your own kids, then maybe you shouldn’t have them? Just a thought….best of luck…

Again, completely idiotic.   Those of us that don’t have a hard time with conceiving or carrying can never understand.  My intended mother was born without a uterus.  How do you think she was emotionally when all she ever wanted was a baby?  We can not know what their circumstances are for seeking a surrogate.  I can assure you that it has nothing to do with vanity!

Surrogacy is a beautiful and complicated process.  I underwent psychological screening, numerous medical tests.  Then I had to willingly undergo the stresses of IVF, for someone else.  Then you carry these babies for someone else.  I had to separate my heart from my head so that I wouldn’t get attached.

Then my Intended Mother had to watch her babies develop inside a stranger.  All she wanted more than anything in the World was to carry and deliver her children.  But fate dealt her a different hand and thank God that surrogacy was available for her to realize her dream.  Sure, they could have adopted.  But for some people, they want a biological child.  If they can fight tooth and nail, and in my case, politics and government, to make that happen via surrogate, then who are we to even care?

It had absolutely nothing to do with vanity or convenience.