I delivered triplets in November 2007 as a gestational surrogate.  I’ve mentioned them occasionally here on my blog.  For a long time I had a page devoted to them.  When I turned into a “main-stream” mommy blog rather than just a “personal stories for my family” blog, I took their page down.

Since November of 2007, I’ve been putting all my energy into my own kids and trying to get healthy.  I’ve run into some roadblocks trying to gain approval for weight loss surgery.  So, I think I’m done with it.  Last night I decided to screw the surgery.  I can do this.  It’s very easy for me to lose weight.  It’s keeping it off that is the hard part.  But I’m going to devote the next couple months to losing about 50 pounds, all the while, I will begin my search for new intended parents.   Fifty pounds will put me at about the weight I was when I conceived the triplets.  It’s completely do-able.    I’m excited!

I plan on contacting my old RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist),  Brian Acacio.  He was AWESOME!  His office had called me about 1 year ago to ask if I had thought about doing another surrogacy.  They thought I was “so wonderful” and they wanted to work with me again.  Aw, shucks! 🙂  Also, my former attorney, Theresa Erickson runs an agency.  They had sent me some applications before but I never completed them.  I’m undecided on working with an agency or not, but will decide later.

Finding the perfect intended parents to work with can often be a long process and I’m happy to get started.  It’s so very rewarding.  The feelings of fostering life for another woman can’t be explained.  I’ll keep you posted as things develop!