My entire family was watching TV in the living room tonight.  Something triggered my husbands memory of something that was on TV the night before.  What he was watching wasn’t really fit for little ears.  He tried to talk to me about it on the sly.

Daddy:   “There was something on TV last night that you would have found interesting.  It was a (spelling now) N.A.K.E.D. L.A.D.Y. doing a show about T.O.Y.S.”

Me:  *rolled eyes*  (LOL)

Mr. A.:  “What are you spelling daddy?  I want to know what word you are spelling.  Tell me!  Tell me!….”

Me:  *laughing* “Daddy was spelling ‘toys.’  He was watching a commercial about toys.”

Mr. A. “But what was he spelling before that?  What was the first word?”

Me:  “He was spelling ‘lady.’  Daddy is telling me about a commercial about a blond lady selling toys.”

Mr. A.  “what kind of toys?”

Daddy:  *exasperated* “no kind of toys!  It doesn’t matter”

Mr. A. “Was it that super soaker (something or other)??  Cuz that’s a really great toy and I would like to have one of those.”

Daddy: “Yes!  That was it!”

Daddy:  (to me) “I guess I’ll have to tell you about it later.

I swear, you can’t get anything past this kid!!  I now have to wait for them to go to bed to find out what kind of toys she was selling, and more importantly, why was my husband watching this kind of show?  hhmmmm……?