…by disgusting, grody boys! *UGH*

This morning, my darling 4 year old came at me laughing.

“Look at my teeth, mom!”

It looked like something dangling/stuck between his front teeth.

“What is that?”


*I threw up a little bit in my mouth*

Then later in the same day, one of the darling 3 year olds came through.

*singing* “I’m naaaayked.  See my peeeeenus”

He was grabbing his crotch and showing me his goods.

Let me assure you, they have not learned these things from their dad.  Bob is the most non-gross, polite and respectful man I’ve ever known.  He doesn’t laugh at his farts or encourage nasty behaviour.  So this is all hard wired into their little nasty boy minds. *sigh*