Last week I did a little introduction to surrogacy.  I told you the very basics of what it is and how to start.  Today I just have a little update.  I am SO happy to say that I have my intended parents (IP’s) and we are getting started!  Every week I’ll be coming to you with updates, I hope you don’t get tired of me.

I put a classified ad on a surrogacy website.  It’s the same site where I found my first IP’s.  Within days, I had several emails from prospective parents.  It’s really amazing to see how many people are turning to surrogacy to make their dreams of parenting come true.  I replied to several.  It’s really a strange process.  We claim so much how being a surrogate is NOT about the money, yet that’s usually what must be discussed first.  If an IP can not afford your requested fees, then you can either negotiate or move on.

I made the mistake of not discussing fees first with my last journey.  I had a real connection with a couple.  I adored them and decided I wanted to help them.  Then I discovered they could not pay the fees I wanted (which were on the very low end of the surrogacy spectrum).  I had to decide whether to move forward with lower fees or scrap my newly founded friendship.

I delivered their triplets for next to nothing with absolutely no regrets.

This time, I am a “proven surrogate.”  Sounds funny.  Kind of like a proven brood mare.  But that’s the term they use.  I confidently set my fee’s and nobody even batted a lash at them.

Which brings me to my new IP’s, S and M.  I will have to ask their permission to talk about them personally.  But I can tell you that they live in Northern California and are wonderful.  We have exchanged so many emails and a phone call.  They are kind and funny and I’m so happy to have been chosen by them to help complete their family.

I now have emails into my lawyer so we can begin writing our contract.  I will go for tests and blood work in July.  We might even be looking at an August cycle.  I will be back to tell you in detail how it all works, but just know I will have lots of injections and ultrasounds in my future.  I only pray that I don’t get any more ultrasounds like this:  LOL