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I never used to drink a lot of coffee.  My choice for getting my daily dose of caffeine was Diet Cherry Pepsi.  But then I got on a kick and decided I needed to stop drinking soda.  Can you say “caffeine withdrawal?”  Yeah, I had it bad.  So I started making myself a cup of coffee in the morning.

The problem with my husbands coffee was that it was nasty.  He likes strong, put hair on your chest, jet fuel kind of coffee.  He will just go in and pour a cup of day old coffee and heat it up to drink it.  *blech*  I can only drink it freshly brewed.  I would buy “foo foo” flavors that he hated and then we would bicker about the coffee.     A new chapter begun in our relationship.

Then I started seeing reviews and advertisements for the Keurig.

A single cup brewing system that will brew a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute?  Nice!

100’s of flavors to choose from?  Awesome!

No more microwave coffee?  Fantastic!

Yummy, delicious FRESH brewed coffee any time of the day?  Wonderful!


No, I NEED one!

Keurig was nice enough to send me a Keurig Platinum Brewer.  Oh what a happy day.

Mr. A. knew I was waiting for my new Keurig.  He was SO cute the day it arrived and he was outside to bring it in to me.  It was like Christmas and my 4yo was Santa Claus.  He was giddy.  I was giddy.  It was adorable!

The Keurig arrives practically ready to brew.  You only need to run through a little primer cycle to clear the plumbing and load the water.  It was very simple and in no time at all, we were off and brewing.  My 4yo was stoked to find that the Keurig would brew him a fresh cup of Hot Chocolate, too!  That was the first thing we made.  It’s also the first thing I need to order.  More hot cocoa.

Take a look at Mr. A. and his Keurig demonstration:

After I got over my initial excitement.  I started to think (scary thought).  I was a little concerned with how much waste there was associated with the K-Cups.  With each cup of coffee, I was throwing away a little plastic and foil cup.  My old coffee maker (R.I.P.) had a reusable filter.  So the trash bugged me.  I went researching and found that Keurig has an Environmental Policy.  I was really happy to see that the company is taking steps to lessen the waste and find sustainable alternatives to the current K-Cup packaging.

I’ve been brewing with my Keurig for a few weeks now and I am in love.  I can’t wait to make my first order and try some other brands of coffee.  They have so many flavors and brews.  You can brew coffee, tea and cocoa.  I haven’t tried the tea yet, but I’ve read that it’s great.  There is even a setting to brew iced coffee or tea.  As soon as I order some tropical tea, I will be an ice tea brewing fool, too.

Get One for yourself!

You can buy your own amazing Keurig brewer online at Keurig.com or in many major department stores and Amazon.  I’ve seen them at Kohl’s, Costco, and JCPenneys.  I’ve even seen K-Cups for sale at Costco, but for the best variety I will be joining their Coffee Club Rewards Program.  The Coffee Club offers discounts and rewards for buying your favorite coffee.  It’s a win/win.