July 14, 2001 is the day I married my best friend.

We met online in a chat room.  It wasn’t the nicest chat room, either.  Most people were in there talking about sex and arranging hook ups.  But it was entertaining to me and I was single so I liked to chat in there.  Then some guy with a generic screen name of “bob” started bugging me.  He was “shy” compared to the other weirdos in the chat room.  He would just post little “hi” and “how are you” posts.  I was always polite and tried to get him to talk more.  Later he said it was just too hard to keep up with my rapid conversations.  At the time I just thought he was a weird stalker type of guy.

He finally got up the balls to ask me on a “date.”  I was single and dating so I agreed.  He lived locally and so we decided he would drive up to my town (about 45 mins) and we would eat at a local dive Mexican food place.  It was Valentines Day 2000.

About FOUR HOURS later (remember…it was only supposed to be a 45 min drive?) he showed up in my town.  Their was a rain storm and he took a wrong turn….yadda yadda yadda…whatever.

He was older than I was used to (17 years).  He was skinny and had thinning hair.  But he was nice enough.  He bought our cheap dinner.  Afterward he went home.

I decided he really want’ my type at all.  I liked bigger, beefier types.  I usually was attracted to the big burly obnoxious guys.  So I went so far as to change my online screen name so that I could avoid talking to him.  I was such a bitch!

Fast forward to July, 2000.  I don’t really know what I was thinking…but I signed into this old chat room (that I hadn’t visited in some time) and I used my old screen name.  Who was there to greet me?  None other than “bob.”  I was actually so annoyed at myself that I let this guy find me again!  But the conversation was polite and he told me he lost my email (yeah…sure).  He still wanted to take me out on a “real date” to a nice restaurant.  I said ok (hey – it was a free meal!).

We went to dinner at my favorite Italian place called “Dominic’s”  (in Poway if you are local) and to see the movie “Space Cowboys.”

We’ve never spent a day apart since.

He asked me to marry him while camping in November.

We tied the knot the following July, one year after we officially started dating.





It’s no secret that Bob really annoys the piss out of me most of the time.  But I’ve come to realize that he’s the best guy out there for me.  He keeps my impulsive, overly optimistic self on the ground.  He’s a caring father and supports all my crazy ideas.

I want to have babies for other people – no problem!

I think I need surgery to lose weight – okay!

I need to take a day off and go shopping with out the boys – have fun!

I’m just really glad I haven’t driven him away with my hairbrained, bitchy,and  impulsive ways.

Thank you, Bobby.  I love you.