The MomDot forums declared a wedding and baby day and asked everyone to share stories and pictures.  Well, I realized that I have never posted about any of my birth experiences here on my blog.  So here you get them.  The short and condensed (hopefully) versions of all THREE Of my labors.

September, 2004 ~ Mr. A. (One Baby)

I was really far over due with the A. Man.  According to MY calculations, I was about 2 weeks past my due date.  Of course, the doctors dates were always off from mine.  They think their little ultrasound dates are so wonderful.  Whatever.  I was WAY over due and very ready to have this kid.  But my doctor wouldn’t schedule anything.  Finally, after a lot of begging, doc scheduled an induction.  It was going to be a Monday morning.  YAY!

Wouldn’t you know it, but Sunday morning (1 day before induction) I went into labor.  I woke up around 5am with uncomfortable contractions.  They were stronger than normal but not unbearable.  Of course, because of them, I could no longer sleep.  I got up and went into the living room while Bob slept.  I laid down on my couch and watched the clock.  Well, I’d be damned if these things weren’t coming along every 15-20  minutes.  WOOT!  I think it’s finally happening.

I found the only piece of paper I could, a yellow post-it (which I still have) and started jotting down the times so I could keep track of contractions.  When they were consistently about 12-14  mins apart, I woke up Bob.  He went into full force gear.  It was pretty funny.  We called my doctor and he told me when they were 10 minutes apart to come down.  It was about a 40 minute drive to the hospital and we didn’t want to wait too long.

About 7:30 am ( I guess ) we loaded up and headed to the hospital.  My contractions were harder and regular, but still not horrible.  We got to the hospital and I was already dilated to a 4.  I was admitted and asked if I wanted my epidural.  Well Hell Yes!!  This was about 9am.

I laid around and napped while my family bustled around me.  The epidural was very strong and I couldn’t even feel my feet.  So I just laid there.  Doing nothing.  Waiting.  I don’t remember when they actually broke my water, but around 5:30 I was told it was time to push.

I pushed for 2 hours.  Nothing.

It was hard to push because I could not feel a thing.  They tried to turn down the epidural so I could feel something and push easier.

Finally, they decided that they needed some assistance.  They brought in the baby-vac and had to suck him out!  He was so big and his heart rate was getting too low.  The sucked that baby out with such force that my Doctor fell off his stool! LOL!

Mr. A. was born at 7:35pm.  He weighed 9.8 pounds and was 21 inches long.


May 2006, NayNay and BoBo (Two Babies)

My twin pregnancy was also very easy and uneventful.  At just under 39 weeks (I think I was 38 weeks and 4 days) my doctor took pity on me and scheduled an induction.  I’m telling ya…when I get babies inside of me, they just don’t like to come out on their own!

I was supposed to call the hospital in the morning and “if they had room” I could go in and get started.  At 7am, they had no room.  boo.  Finally around 10am they called and told me to come down.

I don’t even remember exactly, but I was dilated some, maybe a 2 or even 3.  They hooked me up and started the pitocin drip.  Contractions started but they were never very strong.  I labored most of the day with out any pain meds.  It just didn’t hurt that bad.  I  remember thinking that the pitocin wasn’t working since I wasn’t having painful contractions.

But eventually, I was dilated and contracting enough, and they told me I needed my epidural “now or never.”

I took my epidural.  It was awful getting it in.  I didn’t remember it being so painful with Mr. A.  I kept jumping.  Because I was SO huge I had a hard time getting bent over enough to place it properly.  The doctor tried 3 different times!  *ugh*

They checked me again and it was time.  No more messing around with the epidural.  We were going in.  Because I was delivering twins, we had to do it in the operating room “just in case.”  The epidural was not properly in place and was not working.

I remember being in the hallway, on my way to the operating room.  I told the nurse, “I have to push NOW!”  LOL

She told me to wait.

HA!  It was really hard not to push.

We made it in and I was told I could push.  Still no epidural.  But I could feel the cold medicine being forced into my back.  The anesthesiologist was really trying to get meds into me.

The very worse pain ever happened next.  My doctor took a pair of scissors and gave me an episiotomy.  I cried out “OUCH!”  And he asked, “oh, did you feel that?”  To which I replied “I’ve been trying to tell you the whole damn time that I feel everything!!!”

LOL!  I guess he didn’t believe me.

So NayNay was born at 9:20pm.  He weighed 7.8 pounds and was 20 inches long.

BoBo came 20 minutes later, at 9:40pm.  He weighed 8 pounds even and was also 20 inches long.

November, 2007 (Three Babies)

This time I’m not delivering my own babies, but those of my friend.  This is my surrogate pregnancy and I am pregnant with triplets!  This time around, even with three babies, I still had an uneventful pregnancy.  I was never put on bed rest.  I was up and around right up until my doctor decided it was time.

At 34 weeks and some (?) days, I was scheduled for my first c-section.  The doctor had run an amniocentesis on the triplets to be sure it was safe for them in the outside world.  The date was scheduled.  While in the hospital that morning, hooked up on monitors, it was noted that I was having regular contractions.  The nurse told me I was in beginning stages of labor and would likely of delivered this day, or the next anyways.

I was wheeled into the OR.  The doctor administered my spinal block.  He had to do it twice, because there I was jumping again.  These things are not pleasant!

They laid me down.  I hated the feeling of not breathing.  My husband was at my head.

The triplets were born and I have no idea what time it was!  But they weighed 5.8 pounds, 5.7 pounds and 5.6 pounds!  Two girls and one boy.  They were healthy and breathing and beautiful!  Of course they were whisked away to the NICU to be checked over and I didn’t see them until the next day.  But their parents came to see me in recovery and told me they were wonderful.

The triplets only spent 8 amazing days in the hospital while they figured the whole sucking thing out.  They  were pefect in every way.

Well, there you have it.  I’m impressed if you made it to the end of this marathon post!  Three deliveries, six babies.  And gearing up to do it again….four?