An RE is a Reproductive Endocrinologist, or the Fertility Doctor.  I had my fist appointment with him last week.

Me and my husband made the hour drive up to Orange County from San Diego to visit with Dr. Brian Acacio.  He is the director of Acacio Fertility and he is wonderful.  This is the same doctor that got me pregnant with my first surrogate babies and I trust him.  I recommended him to Shannon and Mike and was really happy to hear that they liked him, too.

In surrogacy, and even pregnancy in general, weight is important.  There are many RE’s out there that will only work with surrogates under a certain BMI.  Usually, that BMI number is very low, and well, my BMI is not low.  So I have been turned down by several doctors and agencies because of my high BMI.  The thing that is frustrating about this policy is that I am healthy.  I have very easy pregnancies despite my weight.  I have carried all six babies near/at the weight I am now.  Lucky for me, Dr. Acacio is more concerned about medical history…as it should be, and he gladly accepted me into his program.

You can expect your first appointment to be lengthy.  I had a few tests, blood work, sonohysterogram and consultations with the surrogate coordinator and of course the Doctor.

The Sonohysterogram, or Saline Ultrasound, is a very simple but annoying diagnostic procedure.  You will assume the pap-smear position with your feet in stirrups.  The doctor will thread a small catheter into your uterus and fill your uterus with saline.  Once the saline is in place, they will perform a trans-vaginal ultrasound.  The dreaded “wand” is placed in your vagina and then they take pictures.  The Saline U/S will determine if your uterus is clear of polyps, fibroids, scar tissue and the like.  The procedure itself is not painful at all but some people may have mild cramps after it’s done.  This procedure is usually done 3-8 days after your period starts so they can see the uterus free of any lining buildup.

I am proud to say that Dr. Acacio thinks I have a beautiful uterus!  I’m sure that’s what he tells all the girls…

The blood work will consist of HIV, drug and other metabolic tests.  They will draw blood on you and your spouse/significant other.  Pretty routine.

Then I met with the center’s Surrogate Coordinator.  She went over the basic schedule of what to expect in the coming weeks.  She gave me my tentative schedule of when to expect things to happen.  I got my list of medications.  One thing with surrogacy, there are a lot of medications.  Meds to suppress your reproductive system, meds to increase your reproductive system.  Meds to help curb rejection of an embryo, hormones, progesterone, estrogen, vitamins…oh my!  It’s all timed out just perfectly.


I will begin giving myself Lupron injections on July 25th.

The countdown has begun.