commonsenseManners, common decency, conscious, what ever you want to call it.  Where has it gone?  Why is it that when people go into public all human nature goes out the window?

I have always been one to think the best of people.  Half glass full, people are generally good.  But a few incidents in the past weeks really has me wondering and scratching my head.

I took my boys to a beach party two weekends ago.  I have two 3 year olds and a 4 year old.  They all must use the restroom facilities at least a dozen times when ever we go out.  The beach was no exception.  At first, I was just proud that they were not peeing in the ocean.

Our first trip to the bathroom was early in the day.  I was actually pleased at the halfway decent facilities.  Mostly clean, working toilets.  Our second trip was not so pleasant.

I took BoBo into pee and we had to search the entire bathroom for a “clean” toilet.  They were all overflowing with toilet paper and shit.  There was paper all over the floor along with God knows what else.  I was disgusted and really mad.   There were no other bathrooms, this was it.  And I wasn’t going to go encourage him to pee in the sea.

Really?  Why the hell was the bathroom like this?  WHY do women think it’s okay to shit all over the place and just leave it there??  Where are your manners?  What society are you living in?  It’s certainly can’t be today’s “civilized” society…can it?

toiletThen just yesterday I had to make a quick stop in our local Albertson’s grocery store.  Of course my 4-year-old had to pee.  He came in with me.  (Remember, they have to use every toilet within a 200-meter range).  The first stall he went into was filled with a bloody fucking tampon!!!


People.  Really?  You couldn’t manage the 2.5 seconds it would have taken to flush that nastiness down the sewer?  Instead, I am in the bathroom with my very observant 4-year-old answering questions about “what is that?”  “why is there blood in the toilet?”


I came up with an “OMGosh, they must have been really hurt and in their hurry forgot to flush!”


I should not have to come up with excuses for your nastiness.  I should not have to come up with explanations in order to shelter my kids from other people’s horrible lack of manners and hygiene.  I don’t want my boys seeing this and thinking it’s ok.  And these were women’s restrooms.  Women.  The gentler sex.  Yeah right.


PS.  I love Facebook Flair.  I borrowed some for my pictures.