How do you decide what school to put your kindergartner in? Did you research different schools and programs? Did you just go to the closest one without much thought?

I know I am a little late in the game.  Mr. A will start K next month *EEK*! He is already enrolled at one of our local elementary schools. The one that’s closest to us. I didn’t give it much thought.

But then DH was talking about a Charter School that is on the Indian Reservation that he works at. He said his work friends kids would be going there. A charter school never even occurred to me, much less one on “the rez.” But I was looking at it online and began thinking….
On this website (Great Schools) you can compare schools. There I saw the information for our Ramona Community School that offers home school and Montessori based programs.

Well, the Community Schools test scores are MUCH higher than the other 2 schools (the Charter school was the lowest) and had really high marks at this Great School website. (8/10 when the other 2 were 5/10. Parental ratings were all 4/5 for all 3).

I had looked into the Community School last year when for 10 minutes I thought about home schooling. That quickly passed because I decided I wasn’t up for it. I don’t trust myself with the schooling. But I hadn’t really thought of the in-class Montessori program until now.

Mr. A is extremely smart and very social.

My head is spinning, but now I am thinking of the Community School even though he’s already enrolled at the local elementary. Oh, the Comm School isn’t that much further away….so that’s not a factor and the Charter school would only be convenient if DH’s work schedule can coordinate with school times. But again, low test scores so I’m not really considering it anymore.

ANYHOW, I guess my real question is….HOW DID YOU DECIDE? My head is spinning!! I don’t want him to be at any disadvantage because I screwed up and didn’t put him in the right school.