Everyone is abuzz talking about BlogHer.  I already mentioned how I feel about it.  And now all my so-called friends are posting their BlogHer fashion shows.  Ugh, it’s like a stake through the heart!  They have all had an excuse to go out and buy (or receive from sponsors) the cutest clothes and dammit, I am jealous!

But, because I didn’t want to feel left out…yet again.  I decided to put together my own fashion show.  Granted, it’s probably not quite as exciting as what the BlogHer attendees will be wearing, but it’s all I got.

Friday Night

While all my good bloggy buddies are schmoozing and hugging at the MomDot dinner, I will be here.  At home.  Probably wearing this fashionable little number:

Take a look at the intricate detail of these stylish, yet comfortable pants,


While everyone is pedaling swag and wearing sponsor T-Shirts and other trendy outfits, I will be at my nephews beach birthday party.  Probably in something like this:

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s as fancy as it gets around here!  Except I might have to rethink this particular shirt….


Another lazy day hanging at mi casa.  I’ll likely be lounging poolside in something like this:

Don’t hate.  I know I am a fashion GODDESS!

Which one of these little numbers should I sport during the Non BlogHer Party?  I’m thinking it will be the first one since it’s Friday night.

Look out Fashion Runway…Here I come!