So I guess it’s not really a “recipe” per se, but more of a method of cooking.

Have you ever pan fried up your hot dogs in butter?  It’s SO good and this usual, “can’t eat hot dogs cuz they gross me out” gal can’t get enough!

My friends came over last weekend to help build the playset.  I decided to make hot dogs for the troops because I’m nice like that.  My BFF’s husband, Joe, asked me if I was going to cook them in butter.  What the hell?  I ask.  I’ve never heard of such a thing.  It was weird, and I don’t do weird food.  But he swore it was delish.  I just ignored him (it’s what we do).

I proceeded to the kitchen to prepare lunch.  I was getting everything out and heating up the pan.  The butter called to me from the fridge…

I figured, what the heck, and slapped a scoop down on top of my hot dogs.  It couldn’t be all bad could it?  I mean, it’s butter.

They fried up nice and golden, just a little crispy, a little bubbly, and a whole LOT delicious!!  I never in a million years thought I would actually like eating hot dogs.  But there I was, chowing down.

Later we were finishing up our building for the day.  Joe was giving me grief about something (again, it’s what we do).  I reminded him he had to be nice to me since I was the one that “buttered his hot dog.”

Yeah, we got a good laugh out of that.  I will now forever be the one that buttered Joe’s hot dog.  Nice.


Just slap a few tablespoons of butter in your frying pan.  Cook up your hot dogs until they are nice and brown.  Enjoy!