I don’t really have an entire blog post right now.  Actually, I have a few that I need to do, but no time to do them.  So I just thought I would quickly share what has been happening the last couple days.

  • Yesterday – Tuesday.  I had a lining check and Estrogen blood level check at the fertility clinic.  My uterine lining is thickening up nicely and should be perfect for transfer day…which is NEXT WEEK!  Holy crap!  This has gone by so quickly.  My IM (Shannon) also had a check and the doctor told her she was a “Rockstar!”  I am taking that as a good thing.
  • I am trying to get laundry done and packed for vacation.  *ugh*
  • I am trying to clean my house since IP’s are coming to hang out tomorrow (Thursday).
  • I found out today that Mr. A. needs a real live birth certificate to start Kindergarten.  YIKES!  I wish they would have told me this…oh…about 6 weeks ago.  I was told the pretend hospital BC would be fine.  It’s not.

So, I don’t know when I am going to get down to get Mr. A. birth certificate.  I guess I’m just gonna have to bust ass to get down there in the morning before my IP’s get here.  That means I have to finish cleaning and packing today.  The next few days will be a whirlwind!

  • Wednesday – Clean and pack.  Oh, and at 3pm, I have to drive my darling husband down to a doctor appointment where they will sedate him and jab a very long needle into his bones.  Fun.  Just glad it’s him and not me!
  • Thursday –   Go to the County Records office and get a birth certificate.  Come home (hopefully I will make it back before my company).  Have fun with my IP’s.  Pull something out of my butt for dinner (NO, not literally…that’s just gross).  Finish up packing cuz I’m sure I won’t be done.
  • Friday – Mad rush in the morning to finish packing.  Take the dog to his vacation.  Leave for the train station by 11am.
  • Saturday – VACATION
  • Sunday – VACATION
  • Monday – VACATION
  • Tuesday – VACATION…..over. 🙁  Come home on the train.  Arrive back in San Diego around 7 pm.
  • Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – Possible embryo transfer!
  • Monday – Mr. A. Starts KINDERGARTEN!


I’m tired just thinking about it!

Off to clean.