Have you seen this Public Service Announcement about texting while driving?  It’s not for the faint of heart.  It’s 4 minutes of heart wrenching, graphic and horribly sad “lessons” about what can and will happen if you text on your cell phone while operating a car.  Be careful you don’t have little ones nearby if you decide to watch it.

I guess this video PSA was created by the Gwent, Wales Police Department to target teenagers and show the dangers of texting and driving.  I am reading in so many places about how it’s a “powerful message” and one that will be listened to.  But do you really think that?

I think people, and teenagers in particular have that “indestructible” attitude.  I think kids are going to watch this video, think “that’s horrible…but it will never happen to me.”  And then go on about their business…texting away.  Heck, they are probably texting about this video.

The Gwent Police Department has wonderful intentions.  I do think this is a powerful message and needed to be shared.  I think that it should be shown to all teenagers in drivers education (do they even have drivers ed anymore?).  But I also remember watching those other graphic movies…”Red Asphalt” I think they were called.  But I don’t remember their message and they didn’t make me a better, less distracted driver.

I remember laughing about them with my friends.  We didn’t text then.

What do you think about this PSA?  Do you think it will make a difference?  I hope it does.  But I don’t think it will.