officemax_logoI was fortunate to be a blogger chosen to participate in Office Max’s “Get Organized for Back to School” blogcast featuring Peter Walsh, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Ana Picazo, and two school students.  It was a great blogcast where Peter Walsh (of TLC’s “Clean Sweep” and who is a regular guest of Oprah) shared organization tips for getting your kids ready for school.

This will be our very first year of school since Mr. A. is making the big jump into Kindergarten on Monday.  EEK!  So I wasn’t sure what kind of tips to even expect.  But I wanted to be “in the know” so that I could support my new student.

Here are some things that I learned and that I want to share with you:

Tips for Organizing your Home:

  1. Find the vision you have for your work space.
  2. Make organization a family value! (this one’s not gonna be easy for me).
  3. Use the right tools for organization.

Tips for Organizing your Child:

  1. Show that you value organization.
  2. Establish clear limits and routines.
  3. Always “finish the cycle” (complete the task).

Tips for Organizing the Classroom:

  1. Establish clear routines.
  2. Involve kids in classroom organization.
  3. Use words, pictures and colors to help organize.

If you have 30 minutes or so I suggest you watch the replay of the blog cast.  There is a ton of information and tips.  Much more than the little list above.  Peter and the ladies do such a good job showing examples and really showing off some great ideas.

Office Max was also very generous in sending me out some samples of their new “Schoolio-Von-Hoolio” school supplies. Can I just say these are SO CUTE?!!!

image.phpUnfortunately for Mr. A…everything sent to me was “girly.”  But lucky mommy!  I scored some super cute office supplies and I just LOVE office supplies.   So I just tucked them away into my office so I can use them myself.  I think my favorite item was this cute book bag/backpack.  It fits perfectly over my stroller and was a really useful (and cute) diaper bag for when we went to the Zoo 🙂

schoolbagYeah, it’s really cute for books, too.

Anyhow, I hope you check out Office Max for your back to school supplies.  They are having awesome sales right now.  They have some really cute supplies, too.  I also hope you learned something useful from Peter Walsh’s tips and the Back to School Blog cast.