the-fresh-beat-band-tv-show-mainImageDo you have kids that watch Nick Jr.?  They have been playing music videos from this group, The Fresh Beat Band (I guess they used to be called “The Jump Around’s) for a while now and last week they launched the full series.

My kids love the show.  The hip-hop style of music starts and the boys start running around like crazy people.  It’s pretty amusing.  Just today, Mr. A. darn near got a bloody nose from dancing!

They are very enthusiastic dancers.

But while my kids love the show, it bugs the heck out of me!

These actors have to be in their 20’s.  They are adults.  And for some reason, watching them dance around and play with children is annoying.  Also, are those really their own singing voices?  They are really big voices that seem lip synced to me.  I guess kids don’t notice these things.

Then the red head, “Marina,” well she used to play Stephanie Johnson on Days of Our Lives.  I can not watch her sing and dance without thinking of her on that soap opera.  And she was only on for 15 episodes (it’s amazing what info you can find on the internet).  I don’t keep up regularly with DOOL but it was during the time that Stephanie was a race car driver and getting busy with that race car Brady boy.  That’s all I can think of when I see her!

I know, I need a better life.

I actually thought I must be crazy for thinking she was on DOOL.  She looked familiar and I knew it was her.  So I was happy that I confirmed it today with a little Google search.

Anyhow…went off on a rant there.

My kids like it and it seems harmless enough.  Entertaining for them.  The tunes are catchy.

You can watch one of their video’s here if you haven’t seen them.

Just wondering if I was the only one annoyed by the show or do you like it?  Do you kids like it?  I suppose that is all that counts right?  They didn’t make the show for me now did they?