Jones GABAJones GABA is the new tea-juice drink from the Jones Soda Company.  What’s special about Jones GABA is that it has an ingredient called Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA).

From the Jones GABA website:

Since the 1950’s, people have successfully used GABA to restore mental calmness; to improve learning performance and memory; to improve sleep quality; to deal with high stress situations, extreme anxiety, phobias and fears; and to regain mental focus and concentration.

The claim is that these tea-juice’s help you focus and make you feel calm.  They are said to improve test scores, concentration, and an overall “Zen state of mind.”  I have 3 young boys and always feel a little crazy, so I eagerly agreed to try them out.

whatsNew_aplCanI have to honestly say that the Jones GABA drinks are delicious.  I wasn’t too sure when they arrived because the flavors were not really any that I would ever choose on my own.  I probably would never have tried them at all based on the flavor choices:  Lemon and Honey, Fuji Apple, Grapefruit, and Nectarine.  Even more surprising to me was that I liked the Fuji Apple and Grapefruit flavors the best…and I hate grapefruits!  Weird.  But they were really very mild and good.

More importantly, you ask.  “Did they make you feel calm?”  Yes.  I really think they did.

After I had my drink, I really felt much calmer and happier.  I wasn’t snappy with the boys.  I felt relaxed.  Now, I don’t know if this is because I wanted to feel this way, or if it’s because of the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid really worked.  But either way, I was impressed.

I tried searching online to see if my newly found delicious drink would be safe during pregnancy, and I can’t find the answers.  So until I put a call in to my OBGYN I will have to abstain.  But it’s definitely a product I would buy again in the future.  On second thought, I think I’ll be buying like 10 cases so Bob can have them on hand when the kids make him crazy!

Currently you can buy Jones GABA online at their website and in convenience stores nation wide.