My nephew, Robert is 12 years old and goes to Junior High School.  He also happens to have Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around.  He is an amazing kid!  All tests show that he is equal or above his peers when it comes to “brain” smarts, but unfortunately, he is stuck with this physical limitation.

His physical disability does not stop him from playing with his cousins.  He loves to swim in the pool with my boys, he loves to play on the play set and go down the slide.  He really loves to wrestle with Mr. A.  Those two go at it and it’s pretty amusing to watch!  I think Mr. A. assumes he is going to “win” because he can stand taller and move faster than his cousin…but Robert is a very good wrestler!

This past weekend, we had a “going back to school” family bar-b-que.  Recently, Robert got a new, very cool, very powerful electric wheelchair.  He was THRILLED when his dad hooked up the wagon to the back of it so he could give rides.

And while that’s all fun and good, and I hope you enjoyed watching the kids play. There is a serious Public Service Announcement I need to add to this.

Be sure to keep all hands and arms inside the moving vehicle and remain seated at all times!

(keep your eyes on the kid in the back (BoBo))