I am so freaking annoyed.  I just returned home from the absolute disaster that is Half Day Wednesday in our School District.  The worst part – I had NO idea it was half day, so I was totally unprepared.

Usually, there are about 10 half day kindergartners getting out at noon.  I show up, wait by the door, greet him and leave.  But not today.  No way.  The day that I decide to bring two three year olds with me.

I was actually trying to waste some time so I didn’t show up too early.  I didn’t want to stand outside in the heat and wait.  I have a terrible habit of arriving early everywhere.  So I went to get lunch, went to the bank.  Then I drove to the school.

Holy God!  What are all these cars doing here??!!!

The parking lot was full.  I couldn’t get in and park to go meet Anthony at his classroom.  I drive up and around and down the street.  I turned around and came back.  There is a line of cars out the driveway and down the road.  I had to park THREE BLOCKS away.

Now, three blocks doesn’t sound all that far, but consider I was dragging along two three year olds and it was 103 degrees outside…

Not fun.  Not fun at all.

All red faced and sweaty this fat momma arrived at her son’s classroom.  I asked a lady walking by, “where do I find my kid?”

“Oh, on Wednesdays they get picked up in the front.  You just should have stayed in your car and drove around the circle.”

WTF?  Are you kidding me?? HOW on Earth was I supposed to know this?

I say “I wish I would have known that so I didn’t drag these babies with me down the street in this heat.”

To which she replied, “It should have been in  your welcome packet.  It should have told you what to do on Wednesdays because we have a slight traffic problem, haha.”

Yeah, I would say so.

So I was miffed but was more annoyed at myself for missing this vital piece of information.  I proceeded to the front of the school where I found my son sitting nicely with his class.  We hugged and then made our way back to the car.

By now, BoBo is crying that he want’s to go home.  NayNay has beads of sweat rolling down his face.  I have sweat dripping into my eyes making it hard to see.  Nobody wanted to hold my hand because it was too hot and sweaty to do so.    By the time we get to the car, everyone is crying “I’m HOT!”

Thank goodness we had soda’s in the car from lunch so everyone got a cold drink.

I got home and looked in my welcome packet.  There is not ONE word about Half Day Wednesday pick up procedures.

This is my first week of Kindergarten just as much as it is my son’s.  I wish the school would have better communication with us first timers.  How was I supposed to know that it was any different today?  And, they never told me I needed to send lunch money either…but that’s a different post.  The point is that communication sucks and I hope it gets better because I really want to like this school.

I’ve finally stopped sweating.