I’m trying out the new Wibiya Tool Bar at the bottom of my blog.  It looks like it could be cool.  One click and you are connected to my Facebook Fan page (although I haven’t figured out how to import my fans yet), my Twitter, latest posts, etc.  You can translate it into another language and I can post “Notifications” that will pop up when something important is going on .  I can even put games and my Flickr photos on it, but I haven’t figured that out yet either.

So I will leave it up for a while.  Leave me any comments if you like it or think it sucks.  If it annoys people rather than help them then I will take it off.  I want to make my site fun and interactive so that I can really start to get to know you all, I don’t want to annoy you! lol!

ETA – ok, figured out the photo gallery.  It’s the little butterfly icon midway on the left.  It’s very cool! Also, I have a Facebook “community” page and the link to my “fan” page.  Not sure what the community page does, but I was able to update my status with it.  So join my community and check it out and we’ll see what it can do!

ETAA – Well, after about 12 hours, you can see that I removed my toolbar.  I actually kinda liked it down there, but the general consensus among other bloggers is that they suck.  They are distracting and nobody want’s them.  Poo.  Oh well.  But I did gain one thing out of this…a  very cool flash slide show thing from that I was able to code into my sidebar with my Flickr photos.  YAY.  Hope that doesn’t annoy anyone…