countryinn6Bobo, my “youngest,” is an introvert, a momma’s boy, a homebody.  He has always kept to himself, happily playing a hand held game or drawing.  He would sit for an hour drawing on his magnadoodle or playing with Lego’s.

We have always just joked about it a bit and called him “quirky.”  But now it’s getting just a tad bit annoying.

Anytime we walk out of the house, he is crying that he “doesn’t want to go bye bye.”  As soon as we are in the car he “want’s to go home!”  We can’t get through a meal out with out him complaining.  Half of our vacation was spent listening to him whine about going home.

And it’s getting worse.

He will not talk or interact with hardly anyone other than myself.  He does play well with his brothers, but even his dad gets a cold shoulder most of the time.  Grandma only gets attention when she has ice cream.

I don’t know what (if anything) I should do to help him.  He’s never been in day care or preschool.  I have thought about putting him in day care 1-2 times a week just so he could get some outside world exposure.  I don’t know if this will help him or just traumatize him.

Does anyone else have a child like this?  Is there anything I can do to help him be happier in the outside world, make him comfortable outside of his home?