This morning me and my IP’s are 9.5dp3dt.  In English, this means that we are 9 and a half days past our 3 day embryo transfer.  Most people don’t really count half and three quarter days, but in surrogacy you do!  Oh, and if you wonder, a 3 day embryo transfer just means we put the embryos inside of my uterus 3 days after they were fertilized.

Yesterday afternoon I finally saw two pink lines on my pregnancy test!  I swear, all this waiting in surrogacy is torture!  But the lines were very very faint.  So faint that I thought maybe I was just wishing them to be there when they really weren’t.  But because I can’t keep anything to myself, I immediately called Shannon and told her the wonderful news!

I even told my momdot and facebook friends.

Yeah, I suck at secrets.  LOL

As happy as I was, I could not get the BFP to show up in a picture.  I decided to wait until this morning to hopefully get a darker positive.

I tested this morning on two different tests.

There were still lines, but they are still very faint.


Why aren’t they darker already??!!

I tried to take a video of them to see if they would show up.  You should have heard me and Shannon on the phone while I downloaded the video.  Pretty funny.  We were both so excited but I was frustrated because I can’t really share it with her.  They aren’t showing up on film!  Stupid camera.  I went to find my other camera.  A higher resolution one.  Maybe that will work.

Guess what?

It did!

Here is my proof that I am not seeing pink elephants…I mean lines!

Do you see it, too?