President_Official_Portrait_LowResOn Tuesday, the Leader of our great Country wants to address our Nation’s future, and people are outraged!  And the thing is, I don’t understand why?

The “President will challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning.”

Well, gee, that sounds threatening!

For the record, I am a Republican.  I don’t generally share political views here because I’m not really a good political debater and I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  I’m not about to change anybody’s mind about anything.  And even as a member of the “other party,” I don’t see any threat in Obama addressing my child.

Mr. Obama is my President.  He is my child’s President.  I LOVE that he wants to address my child and hopefully, maybe it will inspire my son.  I have a Kindergartner for goodness sakes, I don’t think he’s going to become a hard core Democrat with one speech!

Where is the harm in this?  Why are people so upset?

“It’s a form of indoctrination, and I think, really, it’s indicative of the culture that the Obama administration is trying to create,” Gordon told on Thursday. “It’s very socialistic.” (Gordon is the mother of a 6yo son in Florida)


Some people are saying they don’t like that the “government” (e-gads!) sent along “suggested activities” (that were developed by teachers) for discussion after the speech.

Apparently, questions like “who is the President?” and “what is the President trying to tell me?” are crazy taboo subjects that will turn our children into socialist robots.

I thought that was called “education.”

Now my kindergarten age child probably won’t be effected much by this one way or the other, but even if I had an older, high school student, I would want them to watch.  I would hope that my child would have a mind of his own enough to form his own opinions.  It could lead to a great discussion of your own political views and those of your child.  This is the first time a President has addressed our Nations students like this, it’s historic.

Does someone want to enlighten me as to why this educational opportunity and historic event is being shunned?  Because I really don’t understand.