Me and my mom went shopping at WalMart this week for birthday presents.  We went in through the garden shop, and they had a huge Halloween display already in full force (sheesh….it’s nearly 2 months away!).  Anyhow, the boys were with us and they love this stuff so we decided to peruse the ghoulish items.

In the Halloween isle of WalMart I found the most morbid, disgusting, “how on Earth did someone think of this,” item ever.

A life size candy foot!


Now, you may say “that’s not really all that disgusting, Rhea.”  And maybe a gummy foot isn’t really, BUT it’s whats inside that is completely horrifying…


“With Crunchy Candy Bones Inside!”

Really?!  Who the hell thinks of these things??

Someone is working for this candy development company and they are sitting around thinking of the most disgusting thing ever.

“Let’s make a candy foot.”

“Oh, but not just any foot…let’s put BONES in it!”

“That’ll freak ’em out!”

So I did what any good sister would do…I bought it for my brother.

foot3foot2That’s right, and guess what, ladies?  He’s single! Oh yeah…Living out his foot fetish.

He actually told me it tasted like gummy bears.  I wasn’t brave enough to taste it for myself.  I was a little sick to my stomach after feeling the ankle bone.  It was hard.  And bone like.

We had so much fun with the foot, that my mom went back the next day to buy one for my uncle! LOL!
foot1He was really sawing into that bone.  It was disturbing to watch.


Would I sound bad if I said I was actually disappointed that it wasn’t colored red in the middle?  I mean, they went through all the trouble to put lifelike bones inside, they should have thought the color out a little better.  Just sayin’ for next year, oh disgusting candy developers.