I told you all about the positive pregnancy tests I was getting last week.  Well it’s been confirmed and we ARE pregnant!  Woot!

I got my beta blood test on 9/8 and I got a number of 143.  Then on 9/10 it was 356.  So it’s doubling nicely and my doctor confirmed that we are definitely pregnant.

I certainly feel pregnant. *blah*

I’m so tired and feeling a little barfy.  I’ve never actually been sick (throwing up) during pregnancy, so I hope it doesn’t start, but I do get queasy.  I’ve had really good luck with peppermint tea and so I am stocked up!

Shannon and Mike are very excited!  That is really an understatement.  But they have gotten a positive beta test before only to have their hopes dashed when an ultrasound showed the embryo had stopped living.  While they are very hopeful and excited, I can tell that their feelings are a bit guarded until they know that the little beans are thriving.

We will find that out on September 22nd when we have our first ultrasound.

Sometimes people like to guess how many babies are in there based on the beta numbers.  Generally speaking, the higher the number, the more hormone is being produced, the more babies you’ve got.  I had very low beta numbers with my triplet pregnancy.  We never dreamed that I had 3 babies in there based on my numbers.  This time, my numbers are right in line for a beautiful, solid, singleton pregnancy.  So I am sure there are likely TWO!

Well know on the 22nd, and I’ll be sure to update.