I have several Sam’s Club Plus Memberships to giveaway and in order to have some fun with it, I decided to have a Scavenger Hunt to win this weeks giveaway.

You will be visiting the Sam’s Club Website and searching for three (3) items.  You will use the google doc form below to submit your answers. I am doing it with a google doc to prevent you from copying the answers from someone above you! I’m smarter than the average bear, yes I am!

Scavenger Hunt Items (must find all three!).

Not required, but feel free to leave the link to where you found your answers.

  1. What is the name of the School with the most Box Tops for Education earnings?
  2. Who is Sam’s Club partnered with to provide “Two Weeks of Meals” recipe planning?
  3. What is a “Sam’s Cooking Club?”

**form removed~contest closed**

This game will run until September 20th at 10pm Pacific Time. I will choose the winner at Random.org from all correct answers. Winner will be notified by email and have 72 hours to reply with shipping information.

Special Note: My next Sam’s Club Plus Membership Card will be awarded to an EMAIL SUBSCRIBER. Unfortunately, I can’t see my RSS subscribers, so this will go to an EMAIL Subscriber. Just a little “thank you” to my loyal fans. If you ever thought about subscribing, now might be a good time! 🙂