Today was Mr. A’s first day of playing baseball!  OMGosh!  Can you say A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.??  Ten little 5 (ish) year olds out running around trying to catch the ball and make it to base.  The cutest thing ever.

1stBaseballredteamThese are the only half way decent pictures we got.  I was stuck keeping score (more on that in a moment) and Bob had the camera.  I don’t really know what he was thinking, but he didn’t get anything better.  The only video he got was of Anthony standing at 3rd base doing nothing, and then a different little boy batting (maybe he thought he was taping Ant?).  I don’t know.  But these are cute and I hope to get some more next week to share.

Now, more about keeping score.

When you fill out the registration forms to sign your kids up for ball, it asks if you would be willing to volunteer.  I checked the “team mom” box and the “scorekeeper” box.  I thought, “sure, I could help out.”

Then I get the email saying “Thanks for being the scorekeeper!”


I seem to remember keeping score for my high school boyfriends softball team…20 years ago.  I show up today and the coach hands me the score book.  I ask if I am keeping track of the whole game or just our team.  Another mom said “Just our team.”

Okay.  I can do this.  I seem to remember drawing lines around the bases to keep track of where everyone was, but that was about the extent of my memory.  Then factor in that this is T-ball.  They kinda just do whatever and everybody gets to hit.  The last batter comes up and whoever is on base gets to run around to home.

My head was spinning and I was coloring in bases for our boys and girls.  I thought I did an “ok” job keeping track.

Then someone asked me who won.

I have no idea!

Was I supposed to keep track for everyone?


After the game, I turned in the book to the snack bar.  I’m wondering if they have ever fired a scorekeeper?  I might be the first!