STSBadgeI told you guys that I get to give away 10 total Sam’s Club Advantage Plus Memberships, right?  Until the end of October, I will be Sharing the Savings by awarding Sam’s Club Plus Memberships ($100 value) to my lucky readers.  I have decided to give away one per week with various games and activities.

There is currently a Sam’s Club Scavenger Hunt happening here where you get to (hopefully) learn some things about Sam’s Club and try to win a membership.  It’s not a hard scavenger hunt, I promise.  You have until Sunday (20th) to get in on that one.

Next week, I will be awarding the membership card to one of my loyal readers.  I appreciate SO much those of you that subscribe to my blog (both in email and RSS readers).  It makes me so happy to see that there are people that really care about what I have to say…which is usually just a bunch of nonsense anyways! lol!

I will be giving my next membership card to one of my EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS!

Now, I love the people that subscribe by RSS feed, BUT there is no way in Feedburner for me to see those people (stupid feedburner).  I can only see EMAIL subscribers.  And I can only choose a winner by the email addresses that I can see.  Now, you can always subscribe by email, and then after next week you can convert your subscription to an RSS reader.  I’m okay with that.  Just as long as you don’t UNsubscribe after the contest, because that would be really uncool ya know?

On September 27th at 10pm Pacific Time, I will look at my Feedburner Email Subscribers and choose one at  I will then notify them by email and they will have 72 hours to reply with a mailing address.  You must live in the US.  If you are already a Sam’s Club member, then you can use the $100 to SHOP!  YAY!  Good Luck and THANK YOU for subscribing!