upsidedownshowOne of our family’s very favorite shows was The Upside Down Show.  It airs on NOGGIN.  Our kids used to watch it every night before bed along with several times during the day.  Even me and Bob liked the show.  I posted a funny video of my twins doing the Fly Ditty dance back in 2008.  Watch it.  It’s CUTE!

It’s imaginative, creative and really pretty funny…even for the grownups.

Well in January of 2009 our family switched from cable to satellite and we lost The Upside Down Show!  They still broadcast NOGGIN but it ended at 3pm and there was no more of our favorite show.  We were heartbroken!

We HATE this satellite provider.

All over a TV show.

And a few other reasons that don’t matter to this story.

Hey, when you have little kids and this is what makes them happy…well…you know!

Well, really?  Why would cable broadcast this show on the same network but then the satellite provider didn’t?  Made no sense to me, but I’ve gotten off topic.

Along the way, the satellite people started broadcasting NOGGIN 24 hours.  That was better, but still no favorite show.

Anyhow, Guess what?

The Upside Down Show is BACK!  YIPPEE!

I was getting ready to put the boys to bed and I went to switch the channel from NOGGIN to something else.  That is when I saw it on the channel guide.  The Upside Down Show was coming up at 8:00!  I called for Bob to come.  I told him:  “Look what’s coming on!”  I could hardly contain my excitement!

Even he started laughing.  I immediately set the episodes to record.  I just knew how happy the boys would be in the morning when I showed them what we had.

The next night, before bed, I turned on The Upside Down Show.  The boys were laughing and happy.

Life was good again.