I picked Mr. A. up from school yesterday.  There are about 10 children that get out on half day at noon.  We pick the kids up at a back gate and the teacher assistant always walks them out to meet us.

Yesterday was no different than any other day until we were leaving.

Mr. A. saw his friend in the front of the school and yelled “Bye ‘Friend’!”

I noticed his friend was on the verge of tears.

I asked him, “…are you okay?  Where is your mommy?”

Friend, “I don’t know, she’s not here!”

I told him we would wait with him that his mommy must just be running a bit behind.

You can see the back gate from the front gate (they are across the playground from each other).  So I told the boys to stay together while I peeked around the building thinking perhaps his mom was over there looking for him.  But nobody was at the back gate.

The little friend was so upset.

We chatted for a few minutes.  Still no mommy.  Nobody seemed to be looking for him at all.

Finally after about 10 minutes, I suggested we go find his teacher.  Perhaps there was a message about his mommy running late or something.  Surely you would think someone was missing this little boy.

I went into the classroom.  The TA was sitting by the door.  I told her, “I have ‘friend’ out here and his mommy isn’t here yet.”

She gets up and is surprised!  She says something, “oh my, I thought he had gone home with his mom!”

She looked rather embarrassed.

Then she gets down to his level, wasn’t mean or anything, but says “why did you go out the front?  You know you are supposed to come out the back gate with your class.  Don’t ever leave your class like that, okay?”

She thanks me profusely and took the little boy around back to look for his mommy.

While I was leaving, I did see his mommy pull into the parking lot. So I was glad to know that she made it.  This was twelve minutes late.

Now, this is my problem:  The school didn’t know this little boy was missing!

What if I hadn’t been me, but had been someone evil?  This little boy could have turned into a statistic!  What if he went wandering looking for his mom and got lost or made it to the street?  I am so freaked out looking back on the whole incident.  I just think, what if it had been Mr. A?  He is super friendly, he would have gone with whoever or where ever looked interesting.

What should I do?  Anything?  Should I mention it to the principle or the teacher?  This TA seems to be well loved and respected and I don’t necessarily want to get her in trouble, but I think this is serious.  Am I over reacting?