crazyDid anyone miss me??

Last week was C.R.A.Z.Y.  Here is a recap as to where I have been:

Tuesday – We had our first ultrasound for the surrogacy.  The clinic is about 1.25 hours away.   Me and my mom drove up and met with Shannon and Mike.  The ultrasound was of course, fantastic!  We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then did a little shopping.  After I got home, I had to finish packing for my early departure to New York City.

Wednesday –  I was up at 4am to make a 7:30am flight to New York City.  I went to my first ever invitation blogger event and I was so excited to go to NYC for the first time, too (lots of firsts today!).  I will have LOTS more on the actual event and my whirlwind trip later, just for now know that it was a very long day of flying and traveling and exploring.  I didn’t get to the hotel until 7pm and never really got to sleep that night (not for a lack of trying).

Thursday –  As I mentioned, I never really went to sleep Wednesday night, so I just got up out of bed at 7am to get ready for the Euro-Pro Event.  There was lots more walking and fun times.  Got to meet Robin Miller from the Food Network…again, there will be lots more detail on this later.  But it was great and I had such a nice time meeting so many other bloggers.  I went directly from this event back to the airport for my long return flight home.  I arrived back in San Diego around 9pm and into bed around midnight.

Friday –   Since my oldest son was turning 5 on Saturday, I had a lot of shopping to do.  We headed out to Fry’s Electronics, Toys R Us, lunch, grocery store and something else….?  I spent over an hour at Fry’s so that I could get my laptop serviced since it took a crapper on me the week before.  Turns out that the hard drive is failing and the power supply is dead.  So, I am working on a loaner right now.  Got all my shopping done in time to come home, wrap it up and have a pizza party with my brother and some friends.  Another long day.  I actually felt hung over all day just from my lack of sleep.

Saturday – Took Anthony to Legoland California for his birthday.  The tickets were actually provided for review and I will be giving away a family 4 pack !  So be on the lookout for the “official” post on this, too.  We had a LOT of fun.  Legoland was a blast and the boys loved it.  BoBo actually had the only melt down of the day when it came time to leave.  He wanted to stay.  But, as with any amusement park day, long hot day of walking around.  After Legoland, I took Anthony out for a crab dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack.  I had lots of family meet us there and we had a great time.  Joe’s is FUN!

Sunday – Finally went truck shopping.  We ended up at Perry Ford in Poway where a nice man named John (I think) sold us our beautiful red 2008 Ford F150 Supercrew!  I love it!  It’s so pretty.  I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to be able to have a vehicle that will carry my entire family somewhere.  Getting around in a 2 door, 4 seater sucked eggs.  So I am thrilled with my truck.

Monday – Well, Thank God it’s Monday!  We are back to normal!