Continuing on from Day 1…

I had my alarm set for 5am so I could make it to a Today Show taping, but when you are still trying to fall asleep at 4am…well, I just kept on “napping.”  I got my butt up and out of bed at 7am.  I got dressed and ready for the big event which was to start at 9am.  I headed across the street for McDonalds breakfast.

My cousin Gary is from NYC and he was so disappointed that I ate at McD’s for breakfast.  Sorry, Gary.

After breakfast I checked out of my room and met up with my walking buddies, Shera and Lisa.  Really, most of the bloggers that were in the hotel were meeting in the lobby so we could walk as a group the 10 minutes to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  The walk went down Broadway and it was a fun walk with more great sites.


The Mandarin Oriental is beautiful!  The folks at Euro-Pro really know how to have an event.  Our luncheon room was high above Columbus Circle with breathtaking views of Central Park.  I only wish I had better photography skills…

columbuscirclecentralpark They provided the guests with a nice coffee reception where we could chat it up and get to know each other.  Then we were all invited into the event room where the Food Networks Chef Robin Miller was waiting.  Robin, along with some top Euro-pro executives welcomed us to the presentation of the Ninja Master Prep.

fooddemoThe demo for the new Ninja Master Prep was very cool.  This looks like it is going to be one indispensable kitchen item.  It’s double blade chopping action made quick work out of large veggies and ice without making mush.  Robin demonstrated several of her own recipes where she used the Ninja to cut down her prep time.  I really think I am going to LOVE this!  And a big deal for a lot of mom’s out there, the plastic is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

ninjaThis really is an amazing little kitchen gadget that will fit nicely into most families budget.  It’s available right now online and will be out in stores soon.  I will be receiving a Ninja from the folks at Euro-Pro and when I do, I’ll share my first hand review with you.

meandrobinRobin is really tiny.  I am not.

Along with producing this handy little gadget, Euro-Pro is also the parent company of Shark.  Shark is the company that makes all the cool steam mops and cleaners.  We were able to test out and preview some of the newest Shark items that will be hitting stores soon.

multivacThis Ultralite multi-vac looked like something right out of Star Trek.  It was very cool.  I think my favorite item was a hand held steam cleaner that would (will) replace all nasty toxic cleaners in a home while still providing disinfecting powers.  I’ll have more on these items later because I will be receiving them for review soon.


My mom loves her steam mop (and I wasn’t given anything to say that!)

lisaLisa and Baby Dude

blogpeepsShera, Piera and Rachel

In all, I had a great time.  Shera was really great to hang out with.  We even got to ride back to the airport together (along with Lori from A Cowboys Wife who was very cool in real life, too).  I headed home on a 5pm flight that was delayed an hour due to the President flying out of JFK.  Don’t understand where he get’s off…

I arrived back in San Diego and had never been so happy to be home.  This was my first trip away from my family…ever.  I really hope to be able to go back to NYC for longer than 1 night soon.  I’ll be posting first hand personal reviews of the Ninja and many Shark products soon.  In the meantime, you can follow some of the other blogger’s posts on Twitter @NinjaLaunchNYC