2008 Ford F-150

One week ago, me and Bob went down and bought a truck.  A pretty shiny red 2008 Ford F150 Supercrew (4 doors).

Did I mention that it’s shiny?

I love this truck.

We’ve spent since last Christmas making due with Bob’s little 1998 Nissan that only seats 4 of us.  So we were constantly shuffling car seats between our car and my moms and then rearranging depending on who was going where.  It was a pain in the butt.  But we didn’t have the money to go get a new one before now.

Fast-forward to this past week.  We head down to a nearby dealership, Perry Ford of Poway.  We told the salesman, John, right up front:  Our credit stinks, but we have this money coming in over the next few months and we want to try and get a truck.  We want to finance the truck so that we can use it to improve our credit scores.  In the past we made some bad decisions and had a few mistakes, but can you help us?

What do they say?  “OF COURSE!”

Isn’t that what they always say?

We went to this particular Ford Dealership because they had a truck I liked advertised online.  Four doors, lower miles, newer model.  Our goal is to actually pay the truck off in the next year, so we were really only concerned with the cash price of the truck.  Not the astronomical  interest rate that they quoted.

The finance manager (Kim I think) pulled our credit.  He had our report and scores right in front of him to see.  He made the deal and we gave them $5000 for deposit. We signed the contracts and drove home our pretty new truck, happy as clams.

ONE WEEK LATER they call us up and decide that they can’t finance us!!!

What The Hell?

They have asked us to bring the truck back down today so that they can help us get into a different truck.  A cheaper one.  One without 4 doors.  They were really nice and already got that one pre-approved for us.  Gee, thanks.

I think these finance people are the “experts,” right?  Shouldn’t they have been able to see our credit and know if they could finance it or not?  This is what they do and they do it all day long.

They could have pulled our credit and told us “no” at the beginning.  That’s what we were expecting.  We expected our credit to not be good enough and that we would have to look at either a corner dealership that “can finance anyone” or that we would just have to wait a few months and pay cash outright.  But like I mentioned, we hoped we could finance it to improve our credit.  So why would they just jerk us around, let us fall in love with a car, blow sunshine up our ass, only to then say “oops, never mind.”

Crap, I tell ya!

I’m not sure what’s going to happen today.  I have half a mind to not take the truck down, to take Bob’s car.  Tell them they have to make it work and that it’s not our problem but theirs.  They are the ones that screwed up, not us.

What do you think?  What would you do?  Has this ever happened to anyone else?