Here is my story of the crap that the Ford Dealership is pulling on us.

This is my update:

We went down to Perry Ford in Poway, CA.  They had us look at another truck that was absolutely approved for finance.  It’s a silver 2006 Ford F150 Supercrew.  It’s a nice truck.

In all actuality, if  the silver truck and the red truck had been parked next to each other when I originally went shopping, I probably would have chosen the silver one.

  1. Because it’s got tinted windows and that makes it cooler for the boys.
  2. It’s already got a tow package installed so if/when we get a trailer for camping, we will be ready to go.
  3. It’s got a bigger engine (for towing)
  4. It’s got a center console with storage

I know those are small things, but things that I would have liked that the red one did not have.  I liked the red one because it was a newer model with less miles (and it was RED!).

Anyhow, the dealership is saying that there are bank fees associated with financing and the bank was charging too high a fee to finance the red truck to us (due to credit issues).  I guess the fee is lower on the silver one (older model).  It comes down (I think) to that their profit margin was taken away on the red truck (because it was on sale) and they made more money off the silver one.  Still pretty crappy, huh?

I asked the salesman (John) about these things.  Asked him why they could get approval on a higher priced truck (by about $1500).  Of course that’s “not his department” so he didn’t know.  But when I said, “you weren’t making a profit from us taking the red truck” he shrugged his shoulders and basically agreed.

In the end, my family needed a newer model, lower mileage, 4 door, full size truck and that’s what I got.  So I am happy with the end result.  However, I will never deal with Perry Ford in Poway, CA again.  I am disappointed at the way they dealt with this issue.  Their mistake at selling us a truck at a low price made for a big headache.