savingsmadesimplelogoLast week Sam’s Club sent out an ad that talks more about their eValues program.  Did you get it?  It’s pretty cool because it actually shows some really common household items and the automatic, electronic “coupons” that go along with them. It’s a pretty effective visual showing the amount of money you can save with this program.  Here is a sample section of it (click to enlarge):

evaluesamplesI actually feel a bit like a schmuck because I haven’t actually gotten down to Sam’s Club to really check out this program.  I have only had a chance to get my membership and browse around my local store.  But, I went online this morning to check out what eValues I had waiting for me and HOLY COW!

myevaluesI have over $100 in coupons waiting for me on my card!  Already preloaded, nothing to clip.  And what’s more, I went through the eValues and it’s all stuff I actually need to get.  Not some weird obscure brand of powdered milk, ya know?

  • 12 pack Disposable Venus Razors – $5.00 off eValues
  • 240 count Advil Liquid Gels (Bob’s “vitamins”) – $3.00 off eValues
  • 3 pack Secret Deodorant (my favorite) – $3.00 off eValues

It goes on and on…paper plates, frozen dinners, toothpaste, toilet paper, laundry soap, snacks!  Oh my!

I need to shop!

There are some amazing deals to be had.  I’m impressed.

giveaway title

So to celebrate my upcoming shopping excursion, I am going to be giving away my next Sam’s Club Plus Membership Card!  It is a gift card worth $100 and can be used to purchase your own Plus Membership (and gain access to cool eValues) or if you are already a member, you can use it to just shop and have fun.

First Mandatory Entry

For this giveaway I want you to pay a visit to the Sam’s Club website and look around.  Come back and tell me something you think would be a good buy.  Do they have your favorite bag of chips for a good price?  Do they have that Plasma HDTV on sale?  I don’t care what it is, whatever strikes your fancy.  I think you will also be impressed with their great selection and great prices.

Here are my Extra Entry requirements as well as my Contest Rules.

I will end this giveaway on Monday October 12th at 10pm Pacific Time.  Winner will be chosen from all eligible comments by  Winner will be notified by email and have 72 hours to reply.