But WHY does it have to be a debate at all?

Did you watch Dr. Phil today?  I don’t usually watch him…too busy watching Spongebob or Wow Wow Wubzy.  But I tuned in today because a couple of well known bloggers were going to be facing off on the Stay at Home VS. Working Mom debate.  You can read up on what went down here on Dr. Phil’s blog.

Basically, they separated mom’s to two sides of the studio:  Stay-at-home mom’s on one side, headed up by the ever controversial Jessica Gottlieb, and the working moms were on the other with their champion Heather Armstrong.

As a SAHM, I am embarrassed that Jessica Gottlieb was on “my” side!

The ignorant statements that came out of her mouth were astounding.  Although, I have to say that I wasn’t really shocked.  She say’s some pretty hateful stuff on a daily basis though her blog and twitter.  She said stuff like (paraphrasing here):

  • Outsourcing your children (to daycare/nannies) is no better than outsourcing sex with your husband to someone else.
  • Judging others is her God given right.
  • If you’re not going to stay home and raise your children than you shouldn’t have them at all.

It went on and on.

Like I said – embarrassing.

Now, I’m not saying that Jessica isn’t entitled to her opinion…because she absolutely is.  But the way she came off as superior and sanctimonious (a Dr. Phil producers description) was a real put off.

Even as a SAHM, I found myself agreeing with Dooce (Heather Armstrong).  She said that as moms, we should come together and be supportive, not tear each other down.


What I do as a SAHM is not any better than what you do as a working mom.  We are ALL moms first.  Why do we have to judge?  WHO CARES!?  What’s right for me may not work for you and that’s OKAY.

Jessica needs to come down off her high horse and realize that judgment is reserved for God himself, not a SAHM mommy blogger with too much time on her hands.