savingsmadesimplelogoHey, guess what?  I’m back with more Sam’s Club news.  And with more Sam’s Club news comes more FREE MONEY.  I just love how Sam’s Club has made it possible for me to giveaway so much free money to my peeps.  Aren’t they swell?

Anyhow, Sam’s Club has launched a new website (image is clickable):


The purpose of the new website is to enable consumers to learn for themselves just how much money can be saved using a warehouse club store.  They even have the Coupon Mom herself, Stephanie Nelson sharing her tips on saving money with Sam’s Club.

Side note:  I used to be a member over at Coupon Mom and Stephanie always would preach buying household staples (meat, milk, cheese, etc) at the warehouse stores and she really knows what she’s talking about…so listen to her.

On the new Savings Made Simple website you can access a savings calculator.  Really quickly you can enter approximately what you spend per month on groceries for your family, and it will calculate how much you could SAVE shopping in bulk.  It told me I could save nearly $3000 a YEAR! That’s some serious savings!!  I was shocked.  Go see how much you could save, it’s kinda fun.

The site also has a savings forum so you can share ideas on how to stretch your dollars along with articles and the savings calculator.  I’ve been having fun playing on it today, it looks really useful.

giveaway titleI promised more free money, so here you have it!  I’ll be giving away another Sam’s Club Plus Membership card worth $100.  You can use this card to get a plus membership at Sam’s and get instant access to all the eValues and other warehouse benefits.  If you already have a membership, you can use the gift card to upgrade or just use the money to shop.

Mandatory Entry Requirement

Visit the Savings Made Simple website and try out their new Savings Calculator.  Figure out how much you could save by shopping at Sam’s then come back and let me know the number.  The calculator is really easy and kind of eye opening.

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When you tweet about this giveaway, you can use this tweet (my original title is too long so I got a tiny url to make it easy on you…aren’t I nice?):

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This giveaway will close on Friday October 30th at 10pm Pacific Time.  I will choose a winner at from all qualified entries.  Winner will be notified by email and have 72 hours to reply before prize is awarded to someone else.  Thank you and Good Luck!