rememberI really hope that the school doesn’t penalize the students for their parents being idiots.  Because if they do, Mr. A. is in BIG trouble!

A permission slip came home last week because his class will be going to the pumpkin patch.  I looked at it and then set it down in a pile.  I have piles everywhere.  Organized chaos….right?  Well Bob took him to school this morning and when he came home he asked “does Anthony have everything he needs for his field trip?”


Oh shit!

I went frantically digging through piles looking for the permission slip.  I hadn’t ever even returned it.  I was so upset thinking that my little baby was going to be left in his classroom all alone because his mother sucked.  How could he forgive me?

I found the slip in a pile of papers that came from school.  In the pile is a family homework project that I forgot about, too.  Score:  0 -2.  Nice.

Reading the slip I discover that his field trip is NOT today.  Thank GOD!  It’s actually next Tuesday.  BUT, I was supposed to have the slip signed and returned by yesterday.  Oops.

Does this happen to anyone else or am I just particularly lame?  I am supposed to help him with homework about once a week.  I forget.  Papers need to go back to school.  I forget.  I’m supposed to send lunch money to the school.  I forget.  I sign up for snacks…that’s right…I forget.

Can I blame pregnancy brain?

I do have a calendar.  I should use it, but I forget.

I hope I remember to pack him a lunch next Tuesday…