logoReally, how did we live before Google?

I have been very loosely looking for a job.  I don’t need a job but some extra money and time out of the house might be nice.  So I’ve been checking out Craigslist and sending resumes here and there.  Mostly for Veterinary Receptionist positions because that’s what I did before I became a SAHM.

Yesterday I saw a posting for a Surrogate Coordinator.


The posting just listed organization, personality, fast learner and former surrogate.  I decided to send over my resume.

The attorney, Steven R. Liss, called me today.  We talked on the phone for nearly an hour.  He seemed nice enough but as with most attorney’s I’ve met, he liked to talk….and talk….He told me I sounded “perfect” and wanted me to come down tomorrow (Saturday) to meet.


Well, not exactly…

I went to my surrogacy forum to see if I could get some info on this attorney and agency.  Usually, good and bad information can be found from other surrogates.  Surprisingly, there was nothing.  One comment that reflected a good experience with him.

So I Googled him.


Go ahead, Google:  Steven R. Liss.  You will get pages and pages of crap on this guy.  Complaint after complaint on what a sleezebag he is.  He’s taken money from people and never performed services.  He’s solicited divorcing women to become surrogates for his agency offering discounted divorce fees.  Then, the best ever:  In July he was charged with “solicitation of MURDER (against his ex-wife) and allegations of spousal abuse and false imprisonment.”


Do you think I should take the job?

I don’t think so.

Thank you to the Google Gods for saving me.