I was sitting my in my recliner last night when I felt a little “gush.”  You know the gush I am talking about, right?  I don’t have to get all TMI and graphic on you do I?  Anyhow.  I went into the bathroom to pee and check that everything was okay.  It wasn’t.



I panicked.  Bob was getting the boys ready for bath and I walked out of our bathroom and said “I’m bleeding.”  His face went white.

“What does that mean?”
“I don’t know!”

So I did what any panicky pregnant surrogate does, I hopped online to the surrogate message boards.  I didn’t even bother to search for “bleeding at 10 weeks” and instead just posted a HELP topic.  But the moment I posted that, I just decided to call my fertility clinic.

Sylvia (the surrogate coordinator) answered her cell phone and right away reassured me.

“It’s perfectly normal to have some spotting.”
“I’m sure everything will be fine but come in at 10am for a quick ultrasound to be sure.”

I was told to lay down and take it easy until morning.  Bob called off work to stay with me just in case.

Morning came.  No more bleeding.  Just some brown spotting, which is good.  Brown = old blood and not new blood.  I arrived at my ultrasound with the twins in tow.  I was texting back and forth with Shannon.  I felt so bad for worrying her!

The ultrasound showed one perfect baby!


Little baby’s heart was just beating away (167 bpm).  It was moving and kicking, unaware of the scare it gave me!  Little stinker.

The doctor reassured me that some bleeding was normal.  He scanned my uterus and could find no evidence of the bleed and no indication of more to come.  Thank goodness!

The whole time I was just so worried about Shannon and Mike.  I was afraid of disappointing them, of breaking their hearts.  One always will feel protective of their own baby, but when it’s someone elses that you are responsible for.  Well…it’s a sickening thought.  These peoples hopes and dreams for their future rest on my shoulders.  It’s not something I take lightly.

Anyhow, I’m just so grateful that this post turned out to be a happy one.