bbMr. A. started playing baseball this year.  So when I was offered a review of the Baseball Guys, I took it.  I thought that he would enjoy setting up his own game and recreating the plays he was spending so much time learning.

Kaskey Kids is the company behind the Baseball Guys as well as many other popular sports action figures.

About Kaskey Kids:

Kaskey Kids was founded by Bruce and Christy Kaskey in 2001 with the purpose of creating simple sports action figures.

Following an exhaustive search and realizing that the perfect sports guys did not exist, Christy and Bruce went about designing and marketing a boxed set of sports action figures that their children and friends could be enthusiastic about. The main design goal was to keep their children’s attention and encourage more creative and imaginary play. The result is the line of toys we have today!

bb_guys_case_5208Ebb_guys_blue_iso_5208EOur box of Baseball Guys arrived and my boys went to town.  It comes in a great carrying case that was real convenient.  The boys had a great time laying out the green turf baseball field and setting up the positions.  But then they weren’t exactly sure what to do next.

The figures are “posed.”  They have hitters, runners, pitchers, outfielders, etc.  My son had a hard time with having a hitter figure hit and play like he ran to 1st base, and then having a “hitter” on base.  This hitter figure then had to come back to home for the next play.

Perhaps it’s Mr. A’s lack of creative imagination?  He  tends to be very black and white with his thinking and has never been one to “pretend.”  What I think we need in order to really have a great time with these figures is more than one set.  Then we will have more than one hitter, runner, etc and can play out the Little League World Series in full detail!

I did find on their website some different game suggestions that could be played with the figures to perhaps spark some imagination.

Now the twins had a great time just carrying the figures around and playing with them at random.  They liked reading the jersey numbers and they had a nice war played out with the Army Men.  Gun’s Vs. Bat’s.  Wonder who would win?  The brothers tend to be very imaginative and are always playing pretend.  I think they will have a great time with the Baseball Guys once they learn the object of Baseball.  Perhaps I will get them each their own set for Christmas.

I did love the fact that all Kaskey Kids Sports Action Figures are in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.  This means that “all Kaskey Kids toys have been tested by independent testing labs for lead content, the presence of phthalates, small parts, sharp edges, toxic elements, flammability and have had extensive physical and mechanical testing. Each one of our toys meets and often exceeds the safety standards set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.” So no worries if your kids like to try and eat their toys.

So Get Your Own Sports Action Figures!

You can purchase your own set of Baseball Guys online from and from many stores Nation wide.  You can even find a store near you on their website.  Right now Kaskey Kids is offering my readers a 10% Discount Code for purchases on their website.  Use Code GoGuys to receive your discount!

giveaway titleKaskey Kids is offering one of my monkey readers their very own set of Sports Action Figures!  The winner will have their choice of available sports, too!

The First Mandatory Entry Requirement

Visit and check them out.  Come back and leave me a comment letting me know which sport they have available that you think would be your favorite. Easy enough, right?

My Available Extra Entry Requirements and Contest Rules

This contest will end on November 3rd at 10pm Pacific Time.  Winner will be notified by email and they will have 72 hours to reply before prize is forfeit and a new winner will be chosen.  Thanks for visiting and Good Luck!