Right now there is a big Brew-Ha-Ha stewing over an “Illegal Alien” Halloween Costume.

illegal alien costumeIt’s an Alien wearing what is perceived to be “prison” garb carrying a fake “green card.”  According to CNN’s story (linked above):

Immigrant rights activists are calling on U.S. retailers to stop selling two controversial “Illegal Alien” costumes that have surfaced for Halloween, saying the outfits are a broadside attack on illegal immigrants.


I thought that as an adult, everything about Halloween was intended to be a “broadside attack” against something.  It’s what we do.  It’s FUNNY.

33-07Isn’t the “pregnant nun” an attack on Catholics?

LostDogPoking fun at fat people?

3641_1821_dirty-priest-costume1This one shocks the hell out of me!  But is it funny?  Yeah…maybe.

ETA:   I was never a victim of such an awful thing but I see where this can be really offensive to a lot of people.  So why hasn’t it been pulled off the market?  I think it’s much more offensive than the Illegal Alien.

MaleGenieHalloweenCostumeThis one is totally making fun of the Indian culture and their magic genies.

So really, people.  Lighten up!  It’s Halloween.

I don’t go out of my way to offend people at all.  I personally, would never wear any of these costumes, but I can certainly see the humor in them.  Halloween is not about being politically correct.  It’s about being wild and outrageous.  Making a statement, whether it’s political or otherwise.  Face it, there are a lot of people in this country that feel strongly about the illegal immigrant problem and this is them making a statement.

Soooo….what do you think?  Offensive?  Funny?  Tacky?  Do you think it’s a big deal or are the “PC” activists going a little crazy?  I really want to know because I want to know if my friends also have a warped sense of humor like me.