I want some sort of camping trailer.  Something to get us out of the tent and off the ground.  Somewhere that we can stand up to change our clothes, get out of the elements and a comfy warm place to sleep.

I have very loosely been shopping Craigslist and local used RV dealerships.  I was hoping to perhaps find an older tent trailer for $1000 or so, this way we can pay cash and then maybe next year we could move up to something nicer.

Well, I’ve always had a tendency to like older, retro, vintage type things.  I always declared that I should have lived during the 60’s.  So when I started seeing these older vintage type trailers on CL, I was immediately drawn in.  I started searching for Airstreams.  They are so awesome….but not cheap.  I could afford (now) to only get a totally gutted fixer-upper, but I don’t have a clue how to restore a classic trailer.  Besides, do I want to?

Then I started finding these “canned ham” type trailers.  They seem to be circa 1950’s to 1960’s.  Can you say A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.?

I found one on CL for $2500.  It’s been partially restored on the inside.

3mc3o23le5Q05R05Sb9ak28ed3fcdbc691e0bIsn’t it CUTE?  I emailed the guy and asked how many people this 16″ trailer would sleep and he replied that there is an “almost” queen, twin bunk and a dinette that would sleep 2 children.  Perfect!

BUT, there is no stove (I have a Coleman camping stove already), no bathroom (I could buy a porta-potti), and no fridge (ice chests work well).

Would I be happy with something like this?

I don’t know!

I’m torn.  I love the vintage trailers.  Super cute, lots of personality.  But would something more modern with conveniences like toilets and microwaves be more practical?  If we go with something more modern, I’ll have to wait.  Do I want to wait?  AND, with something vintage, what if it needs fixed?  Will I have the know-how and resources to do it?


What to do….