spiderI know, I’m sorry.  The image gives me the creepies, too.  Try googleing “Spider Nightmares.”  It’s AWFUL.  But, I am having a real problem and I was hoping someone would have some advice.

Night before last, I woke up to blood curdling screams.  I jumped out of bed only to be literally knocked on my butt by a fleeing three year old.  Bobo clung to me, screaming and hyperventilating.  His stomach was lurching and gurgling; I thought for sure he was going to vomit on me.  We sat in a pile on my bedroom floor for what seemed like an eternity before I could get him calm enough to speak.

Me:  “Baby, what’s the matter??

He pointed down the hall to his bedroom, amidst his sobs and told me as well as he could about a screaming spider.  It broke my heart.

It was about 5:30am, so I just took him out to the living room.  There was absolutely no point in trying to put the horrified toddler back to bed.  He drank his chocolate milk and regained his composure.  We sat cuddled together in the recliner for a long time.  He even laughed a little at Spongebob.

Things were okay.

Then he needed to use the bathroom and he refused to go in there by himself.

“There’s a spider!”

This has continued now for 3 days.

The last two nights I’ve had to search his bedroom for spiders before he will go in there to sleep.  I have to go with him to the bathroom to assure him there are no creepies waiting for him.

This morning around 5am, I went into his room to check on  his coughing brother.  I heard BoBo whimpering and thrashing around.  He was saying “NO!”  I wasn’t sure whether to wake him up or not so I just waited and watched.  Thankfully he calmed back down.  But it made me sad.

He is different now.  He was my fearless one and now this nightmare has interrupted his life and is effecting his daily routines.

I don’t know what (if anything) I can do for him.  It’s breaking my heart to see him so afraid.